Our understanding of a “regular family” has changed radically in recent decades, but our social institutions have lagged behind the cultural progress. To catch up, we must address the structural roots of inequality the LGBTQ+ community faces.

1. LGBTQ+ Education

Develop and implement LGBTQ+-inclusive public education, PreK-16. Anti-LGBTQ+ bullying in school can quadruple the likelihood of suicide.; LGBTQ+ students are up to three times more likely than their peers to be physically threatened or assaulted at school and 91% more likely to be bullied or harassed.

2. Community Spaces

Provide community space for LGBTQ+ students. Schools should be prepared to support LGBTQ+ students by maintaining LGBTQ+ clubs such as GSAs and offering LGBTQ+-specific school counseling.

3. LGBTQ+ History

LGBTQ+ history and identities should be included in public school curriculum to counter the deliberate historical erasure of the community’s history.


4. Community Training

Students and administrators alike will (as Teaching Tolerance advises) guarantee that “all school community members [have] a thorough understanding of the part they play in making their school an environment that welcomes all students.”

5. Anti-Discrimination

Eliminate all anti-discrimination law exceptions that the US military currently receives. This includes but is not limited to a ban on trans service members. Expand all federal workplace protections to apply to LGBTQ+ persons.

6. Homelessness Relief

Create a homelessness relief program specifically targeting LGBTQ+ youth, who are disproportionately represented in unsheltered populations across the board.

7. Ban "Conversion Therapy"

Federally ban "conversion therapy".

8. End "Gay Panic" Defense

Federally legislate to end “gay panic” murder defense. Homophobia is not an excuse for violence and it is outrageous that “gay panic” defense is accepted in our criminal justice system.

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