Climate change cannot be stopped in a capitalist system, and our environment cannot withstand the demand for infinite market growth. We must shift our priorities, away from profit and toward the well-being of the people and the ecosystems upon which we rely.

1. Prepare for Climate Change Prepare all major cities for climate change. This will include redesigning not just coastal cities, but every major metro area to resist specific, model-predicted environmental destabilization based on area. ​ 2. Buyback Program Pass an aggressive buyback program to replace all gas automobiles with electric cars to solve the “last mile problem” during transition to more advanced transit infrastructure. ​ 3. Rezone Metropolises Rezone major metropolises, prioritizing mixed high- and medium-density residential development with access to transit, ample green space, and minimum carbon footprint. 4. Kinetic Energy Utilize kinetic energy capture technology for walkways in heavy foot traffic areas; populated cities can offset their extremely high energy demand by utilizing this existing kinetic energy, which is otherwise wasted. 5. Redesign Roads Redesign roads to increase safety while maintaining traffic flow via road diets, installation of roundabouts, and machine learning traffic signals. 6. Develop Sustainable Energy Invest in further development of tidal capture, wind, and battery storage technology to supplement massive recent strides in solar energy capture. 7. Reforestation Aggressively reforest all rural land not designated as “prime farmland” with native flora. ​ 8. Vertical Agriculture Develop modern, vertical commercial agriculture systems in current agricultural centers to offset farmland loss as a result of reforestation without displacing workers or leaving them unemployed. 9. Acquire Private Golf Courses Acquire all privately owned golf courses by eminent domain and replant them with native flora. Golf courses have massive negative environmental impact and are extremely resource-intensive with regard to land and water. 10. High-speed Rail Systems Create a comprehensive, zero-emissions, fare-free rail system that services long-distance and local routes. Invest enough in this project that the rail system actually outperforms car travel. 11. Solar Investment Invest in solar energy and put money back in the pockets of consumers. We will introduce/co-sponsor the house version of the Low Income Solar Act to increase low-income families’ access to solar energy by making it more affordable for people who own their own home and incentivize access to community solar projects. 12. Footprint Requirements Pass stringent energy- and footprint-efficiency requirements for all new commercial and residential construction. 13. Energy Efficiency Invest in making all existing American homes more energy efficient. For every dollar invested in energy efficiency technologies, like weatherization and efficient light bulbs, energy customers can enjoy up to four dollars in savings.

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