Green New Deal

Updated: Feb 5

To rebound from the COVID-19 Depression, create millions of good-paying jobs, and prepare for the realities of climate change, we need a massive investment in the total overhaul of our energy, transportation, and distribution infrastructure.

1. 2025 or Bust

Switch to 100% renewable energy by 2025 and create millions of jobs while doing it. Invest in exclusively in clean, sustainable energy sources powered by the sun, wind , tides, and Earth’s heat.

2. Nationalize Energy

Nationalize energy production and the grid. Private companies like PG&E have proven to be irresponsible, exploitative, and dangerous.

3. Climate Justice

Create a national environmental and climate justice plan that recognizes the heightened public health risks faced by low-income and minority communities.

4. Electric Charging Stations

Build electric vehicle charging stations. In a country where nearly 30 percent of carbon pollution emissions come from the transportation sector, it is imperative that we end our dependence on gasoline.

5. High-Speed Rail

Build high-speed, modern, safe, zero-emission passenger and cargo rail nationwide, serving long-distance riders as well as local routes in urban areas.

6. Free Public Transit

Completely eliminate public transit fares.

7. New Grid, Who Dis?

Update and modernize the energy grid. Some of our grid infrastructure has not been updated since it was first built in the 1920s and 1930s. Technology development in clean energy resources and electric grid improvements have enabled “smart” technologies, programs and policies to create a safer, more sustainable energy system.

8. Ban Fossil Fuel Procurement

Ban the procurement of fossil fuels, including coal, natural gas, and oil.

9. End Fossil Fuel Exports

End all exports of fossil fuels, and end imports completely as soon as sufficient green grid technology exists to produce a base load that meets basic energy needs.

10. Ban Fossil Fuel Transport

Ban the transport of fossil fuels on US soil. This includes ending the use of all pipelines routed through any US territory.

11. Hold Them Accountable

Hold energy and fossil fuel companies financially accountable for the environmental and public health damage their industries have done, including but not limited to damage from fracking, mountaintop removal, and offshore drilling.

12. Restore & Preserve Habitats

Protect and restore public lands by promoting natural resource conservation and habitat preservation.