Immigration Rights

No human is illegal. In our global society, money and goods flow across borders with ease, while human beings escaping difficult or dangerous conditions are locked in prison for doing the same thing. We must adopt humane immigration policy to lift up, rather than lock up, those who come to our borders in need.

1. Abolish ICE

Abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and establish an Office of Citizenship, Refugees, and Immigration Services under the Department of Labor.

2. Ban Border Patrol

Federally ban the creation of state border patrol agencies and eliminate all such agencies that currently exist. Redirect all funding to processing centers that connect/provide immigrants and refugees with resources for housing, work, and healthcare upon arrival.

3. Prosecute Rights Violations

Prosecute all ICE and CBP agents who committed human rights violations.

4. Amnesty

Grant amnesty to every single undocumented person in the United States, and implement a path to citizenship with expediency. Whistleblowers go first.

5. Whistleblower Visas

Provide whistleblower visas for immigrants who report labor violations or exploitative work conditions.

6. Dismantle All Deportation/"Immigrant Detention Centers"

There are concentration camps on US soil. Our "immigrant detention" programs are cruel, inhumane, and dangerous. We must close every single one of these camps, now, and stop locking up and/or deporting people immediately.

7. "Sanctuary Cities"

Repair all structural harm to “sanctuary cities” who have been deprived of resources for their humane position on immigration.

8. An Open Door

Expand refugee programs and improve the housing conditions for all refugees during resettlement. Remove stringent requirements for linguistic assimilation and employment, and expand mental health services for refugees.

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