PK-12 Education

Our current education is segregated by neighborhood income. We must adopt best practices that prioritize our children’s learning and invest in our nation’s educators’’ economic security and well-being in their workplace.

1. Increase Teacher Salaries

Increase the federal base salary for teachers to $60,000 per year, with overtime pay and pensions.

2. Stop Funding Schools With Property Taxes

End all funding of schools via property tax. This creates a segregated education system based on neighborhood income, and has cemented racial inequity across the US.

3. Sunset Standardized Tests

Remove standardized testing requirements.

4. End Homework

Federally eliminate homework from public school curriculum. Homework is outdated;.The best education systems on earth have eliminated homework with excellent outcomes across the board.

5. Teachers, Not Packets

End the use of prefabricated curriculum. We know that in education, one size does not fit all. Teachers should drive the educational experience for their students.

6. Universal Public Childcare

Fully fund universal public childcare.

7. Need-Based Funding of Schools

Fully fund K-12 education federally, based on need. This includes:

  • Expanded special education services.

  • Expanded vocational education at high school level.

  • Expanded arts and music programs.

  • Expanded counseling, mental health, and social services.

  • Free school breakfasts, snacks, and lunches for every child.

Improved nutritional standards and food preparation education.

8. Ban Prone Restraint from being used in all schools.

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