Political Corruption

US elections are determined almost exclusively by who can court rich donors most effectively. We must totally overhaul our system to ban the legalized bribery wealthy individuals currently enjoy and establish transparent, fair elections.

1. Ban Corporate Lobbying Federally ban corporate lobbying. ​ 2. Ban Lobbyist Bundling Federally ban lobbyist bundling. ​ 3. Publicly Financed Elections Establish 100% publicly financed elections. ​ 4. Ban Corporate Contributions Make private and corporate political contributions federally illegal. Political contributions are legalized bribery. 5. Not for Sale Close the “revolving door” by stopping elected representatives and senior staff from selling off their government power for high-paying lobbying/"consulting" jobs. 6. Paper Ballots Require paper ballots for all elections. 7. Anti-Corruption Strengthen anti-corruption enforcement by overhauling the broken Federal Election Commission and giving prosecutors the tools they need to combat corruption.

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