Press Release - 06/08/21


June 08, 2021

Endorsement Profile Series: Lee J Carter for Virginia Governor

Though we (loudly) endorsed Del. Lee J Carter (VA, 50th house district) immediately after the announcement that he was running for Governor, we have started solidifying our process here at the Rose Caucus, which means we’re trying new things! Part of that means doing more to help our supporters get to know our candidates, and what they stand for.

With that in mind;

We are pleased to announce that Lee J Carter is the first Candidate to be featured in our new Endorsement Profile Series!

Leftists in Virginia do not need to be registered to the Democratic Party to vote in the Primary, which takes place today, Tuesday, June 8th. We hope to compel fellow leftists into seriously considering where they can be effective in local electoral races, and to turn out for the Virginia Primary.

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