Student Debt

A high school diploma isn’t what it used to be. In today’s economy, higher education is a necessity for millions; the price tag, however, is a nearly insurmountable barrier for low-income families. We must lift the anchor of debt from those struggling to participate in our economy and create a debt-free education system.

1. Cancel Student Debt

Cancel all existing student loan debt.

2. Free College

Make public colleges and universities tuition-free with all curriculum available digitally, free of charge.

3. Prohibit Student Lending

Federally prohibit student lending.

4. Education Grants

Provide and federally fund grants for education-related expenses (i.e. room & board, specialty supplies/equipment, and etc.)

5. Free Meals for Students & Faculty

Guarantee free meals to all college students and faculty.

6. Student Stipend

Pay college students a stipend, based on area cost of living.

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