Water is Life

To rebound from the COVID-19 Depression, create millions of good-paying jobs, and prepare for the realities of climate change, we need a massive investment in the total overhaul of our energy, transportation, and distribution infrastructure.

1. Water is a Human Right

Guarantee free, clean, drinkable water as a human right to every person on US soil.

2. Water for All

Fund all necessary infrastructure upgrades to deliver this Right to Water in every residence and public building in the United States.

3. Rainwater Collection

Legalize personal rainwater collection (with reasonable limits to prevent negative impacts to vulnerable watersheds).

4. Water Protection

Expand and enforce protections for all naturally-occurring bodies of water within the jurisdiction of US federal law, including aquifers and coastal waters.

5. Ocean Cleanup

Direct the US military to completely clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. If we can put a rover on Mars, we can take the plastic out of the ocean.