The United States must re-examine its role on the world stage. The world doesn’t need a superpower; we need collaborative, effective diplomacy to prevent international conflict and combat massive global challenges like climate change.

1. Abolish the CIA

Our military can gather intelligence. The Central Intelligence Agency is an unaccountable institution with a long history of uninterrupted brutality that often undermines US and UN security interests.

2. End All Wars

All of them. Every single one.

3. End the Presidential Authorization for Use of Military Force (AUMF)

The Constitution clearly requires all military action be authorized by Congress;. The President should never have been given this unilateral power in the first place.


4. Ban "Nuclear First Strike"

Ban “nuclear first strike” scenarios entirely. Actively and rapidly work to eliminate nuclear weapons from the US military’s arsenal.


5. Dismantle Imperialism

Deliberately dismantle imperialism. This means ending military occupation and intervention, closing all foreign military bases, and restructuring our economy to end reliance on extractive, environmentally destructive global capitalism.


6. End the IMF and World Bank

End the IMF and World Bank. The US should not bully other countries into enacting devastating austerity and allow for vast extraction of their resources.


7. Eliminate the National Security Agency (NSA)

8. Eliminate the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)

Eliminate the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and reassign immigration processing to the Department of Labor. The US military is responsible for homeland security.

9. Diplomacy in Good Faith

Renew our commitment to collaborative international diplomacy. We must conduct international relations within the United Nations, where even historically-impoverished nations have representation. We must end unilateral military action by the US and NATO, and engage in good faith with the will of the international community.

10. Double Base Military Pay

Right now, adjusted to hourly pay, the average entry-level military job pays below the federal minimum wage. About 10% of the military budget currently goes to personnel; we should pay our service members well and bring them out of harm’s way to deal with the true national security threat: climate change.

11. End Unilateral Military Action

The US must respect the decisions upon which the UN arrives democratically and stop trying to police the world.

12. Repeal the Hague Invasion Act

Petition the Senate to join the Rome Statute and recognize the authority of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

13. Prosecute War Criminals

Prosecute all war criminals. Any individual who is guilty of war crimes under ICC’s definition should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, with no exceptions.

14. Close Guantanamo Bay

15. Abolish Torture

Abolish torture (“enhanced interrogation techniques”) and prosecute individuals responsible for torture programs, which violate international law.

16. Refocus Trade Policy

Refocus trade policy from “free trade” to fair trade. Workers and the environment should be prioritized in all international trade deals.

17. End Federal Subsidization of the Israeli Government/Military

We cannot financially support a state, run by a right-wing ethno-nationalist party, that is actively committing genocide against the Palestinian people.

18. End Financial, Political, & Military Support for the Saudi Arabian Monarchy

19. The Cold War is Over.

Normalize diplomatic and trade relations with Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, China, North Korea, Iran, and all other nations currently being sanctioned in what is essentially the arbitrary continuation of the Cold War.

20. Puerto Rico

Recognize and support the will of the Puerto Rican people, whether that be independence, statehood, or any other arrangement. Repeal the Jones Act.

21. Support Statehood for all US Territories

Offer and provide support for statehood, as part of the US or a sovereign nation, to all territories currently under US control.

22. Federally Ban Private Military Contractors (PMC's)

Federally ban private military contractors and prosecute PMC corporations that contract with foreign nations. War should not be an industry.

23. Nationalize Military Weapons Production

Nationalize all military weapons production and make profiting from a government weapons contract federally illegal.

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