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When we founded our organization this past winter, we were forced to throw together a website at the same time as we were organizing ourselves.

We devoted most of our efforts at the time to getting our content out there & established, and the website's design and functionality was considered a lower-priority; especially considering we had to produce it in house, with 0 budget. I recently took a little time off work, and I used it brainstorming how to make the website a more engaging tool for our caucus, and the people who support us. The website finally came off the back burner, and I set to work laying out the foundation for the tools our organization will need if we expect to gain any ground moving forward. I'm very excited to announce that we rolled out the first wave website updates in the wee-hours of the night on May 10th, 2020. By May 15th, the website will be completely updated, and will launch two massive new features it didn't have before; a merch shop, and a (more expanded) news feed.

Each feature will bring something new to the table for our efforts; one is a good source of fundraising and community-building, and the other allows us to publish updates, articles, and to host content from creators all over the country. The unseen hero of our updates is the advent of web automation; all of our tools now speak to and understand one another, allowing our organizers and slate to become more efficient, and spend less time on repetitive, menial tasks. Our website now has a bridge between it, and our digital organizing space, which creates a smoother, more intuitive work-flow. As of this month, we are officially registered as a non-profit in the commonwealth of Virginia, just outside of D.C. (I think it's suited our headquarters are just outside the seat of corruption in this country, which looms barely an hour away.)

I want to thank everyone who has been a part of founding this organization. It has been a deep pleasure watching this organization grow, and I am looking forward to what we can do in the coming months, with these new tools in our belt. Keep an eye out on the 15th for the relaunch!

Until then, stay safe, and stay sane in quarantine. (I know I'm doing my best)

In Solidarity, Violet Rae Chairperson

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